Sunday, August 06, 2006

le Skool-Gurl

(inspired by a friend)


Rick Capistrano said...


Fraz said...

...Michelle question mark? haha. I likes it.

Elaina said...

You updated!!!!!

Looks good, sport.

Michael Gushulak said...


Indeed, she's cute in a way that compels one to misspell cute. I like the hairdo; it makes her look like a young Wilma Flintstone. I grew up wondering if I could ever pry her away from Fred.

Vaalic said...

The pic looks good man. Definatly something to be happy about. But, you do realize that now that you've done this one... you've got a riot of people looking for you to do the same for them. No pressure. *cough*Me*cough*

And Heather says that she likes how this is a more realistic rendering of the human form. And she waves to you and everyone reading.

Its another one that might look pretty good shaded and coloured. I've got a great idea... now you can do characters for everyone in the social group! And have us interacting with one another in interesting and amusing ways. It should only take you a few hours probably. I mean, realistically it doesn't take long to look at them after they're drawn, so it can't take long to draw them.

Makes sense, right?